About the Group

Angela Tröndle (vocals, Austria)
Tobias Meier (sax/clarinet, Switzerland)
Marek Talts (guitar, Estonia)
Antti Kujanpää (piano, Finland)
Mattia Magatelli (bass, Italy)
Christian Windfeld (drums, Denmark)

Formally known as “Group A” during the 2008 IASJ Meeting in Riga, Latvia, these wonderful young musicians quickly fused into a special space. Tears were shed, and many people were emotionally moved by their final performance. After a week of challenging, inspiring, and creative work, they realized that it wasn’t the end and decided to stick together renaming themselves European Jazz Motion. The EJM have since appeared throughout Europe culminating in a tour of Estonia and Finland in March 2011. Supporting them is American jazz bassist Gene Perla who has performed and recorded with many great artists including Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, Nina Simone, Sonny Rollins, Sarah Vaughan, and Stone Alliance.
When the gigs ended, Sibelius Academy provided the group with their recording facilities in Järvenpää, Finland, and much music was produced. Gene, who was in attendance, brought the music to the States and re-mixed the tracks in his project studio. „Odysseia“ finally has been released on PMRecords, during a US-Tour in fall 2011. Next up is another European tour next summer which will include a performance mance at the IASJ Meeting in Graz, Austria.

EJM is revitalizing the jazz music world. Some fans have described them as the “New European Jazz.”

Angela Tröndle

Angela grew up in a classical music family and started playing the violin at the age of 4. She also has taken lessons in piano and jazzvoice and will finish her studies in June 2009. She has been selected for the support-program “New Austrian Sound of Music,” which will help her to continue performing abroad in the future.


Tobias Meier

Tobias started playing saxophone at the age of ten. After taking lessons and attending various workshops, he recieved his diploma in Performance and Pedagogy at the Lucerne School of Music (Jazzschool Lucerne) in 2008. These days he is playing in various bands from duos to large orchestras and is leading his own group “Periskop”.


Marek Talts

Marek starting playing guitar at the age 11. His brother was his first teacher. Now he studing in University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. He currently plays with local musicians and bands and teaches guitar in his hometown Pärnu.


Antti Kujanpää

Antti has studied classical piano and violin and received a jazz degree from the Sibelius Academy. He has won several awards including Musician of the Year. He teaches piano, performes internationally, recorded several projects, and is involved with music management.


Mattia Magatelli

As a child Mattia’s first experiences were with popular music, and he started to play the guitar and accordion. In 2001 he began studing acoustic bass at the Civic School of Jazz in Milan. After attending for two years, he continued his studies by himself. He contines to play internationally with a lot of cool musicians.


Christian Windfeld

At age 11, Christian started playing drums in a marching band, and soon afterward switched to the drum set. Jazz music changed his view of sound as he continues to gain a highly personal sound. Professional performances have taken him around Europe, and he is currently a student at The Royal Academy Of Music in Aarhus, Denmark.



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